Integrating Evidence-informed Strategies for Insomnia Disorder into Your Practice (3 CE's)

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DATE & TIME: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 from 1:00 - 4:15 pm

LOCATION: Attendees will receive the Zoom link upon completion of the RSVP.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Attendees can obtain 3 social work CE's upon completion of the training, payment receipt and passing of the post-training quiz. Cost: Free to attend and $15 for those seeking 3 social work CE's. 

STUDENT EXTRA CREDIT: Social Work students may qualify for extra credit by attending this event. Simply check with your social work faculty and if it is offered, complete the RSVP, sign-in via the attendance link in the Zoom chat and you professor will be notified of your attendance after the event. Students are required to stay for the entire event.

In honor of Sleep Week, the Wayne State University School of Social Work Office of Continuing Education is proud to welcome Colleen Carney, PhD, CPsych, Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University and the Director of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory, presenting "Integrating Evidence-informed Strategies for Insomnia Disorder into Your Practice".

Insomnia is a condition that impairs our clients’ quality of life. It is an independent predictor of suicide and predicts future onset of PTSD after trauma exposure, depression, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders. Many believe that the insomnia that occurs along with another disorder will go away after we treat the other disorder, such as depression. Sadly, that is rarely the case, and unaddressed insomnia is predictive that depression will relapse. Moreover, insomnia is likely negatively impacting your current therapy outcomes, as insomnia predicts greater treatment resistance. Cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia is a very effective tool for those with or without co-occurring conditions. Join a sleep specialist for a workshop that will teach you about CBT-I and myth-bust common mistaken beliefs, such as “we all need 8 hours of sleep” or “sleep hygiene is effective”. Adding the tools of CBT-I to your practice will help your clients sleep and feel better.

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