Criticism, Volume 46, Number 3, Summer 2004

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Criticism, Volume 46, Number 3

Criticism provides a forum for current scholarship on literature, media, music and visual culture. A place for rigorous theoretical and critical debate as well as formal and methodological self-reflexivity and experimentation, Criticism aims to present contemporary thought at its most vital.

Criticism Volume 46, Number 3, Summer 2004
Extreme and Sentimental History 
Guest Editors:Vanessa Agnew and Jonathan Lamb

Introduction: What Is Reenactment?
Vanessa Agnew

"What a Synoptic and Artificial View Reveals”: Extreme History and the Modernism of W. G. Sebald’s Realism
Todd Samuel Presner

The Angel’s Enigmatic Eyes, or The Gothic Beauty of Catastrophic History in W. G. Sebald’s “Air War and Literature”
Julia Hell

Ethnomasquerade in Ottoman-European Encounters: Reenacting Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Kader Konuk

Strolling in Syria with William Biddulph
Gerald Maclean

Saddle Time
Donna Landry

Historiography as Reenactment: Metaphors and Literalizations of TV Documentaries
Katie King

The Little Ship of Horrors: Reenacting Extreme History
Iain McCalman

The Use and Abuse of Historical Reenactment: Thoughts on Recent Trends in Public History
Alexander Cook


The Sublime Triplets of Historical Consciousness
Susan A. Crane 

Some Avenues for Feeling
Adam Frank 

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