Criticism, Volume 57, Number 4, Fall 2015

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CR 57-4

Criticism, Volume 57, Number 4

Criticism provides a forum for current scholarship on literature, media, music and visual culture. A place for rigorous theoretical and critical debate as well as formal and methodological self-reflexivity and experimentation, Criticism aims to present contemporary thought at its most vital.

Criticism Volume 57, Number 4, Fall 2015
The Avant-Garde At War
A Special Issue Edited By Jonathan P. Eburne

Jonathan P. Eburne

War and Peace and Ubu: Colonialism, the Exception, and Jarry's Legacy
Timothy E. Youker

"Partout et Nulle Part": Apollinaire's Body After the War
Effie Rentzou

From the Historical Avant-Garde to Highbrow Coterie Modernism: The Little Review's Wartime Advances and Retreats
Christopher J. La Casse

"Dogs Bark": War, Narrative, and Historical Syncopation in Gertrude Stein's Late Work
Kristin Bergen

"Atlantis Buried Outside": Muriel Rukeyser, Myth, and the Crises of War
Ben Hickman

The Conceptual War Machine: Agonism and the Avant-Garde
Seth Perlow


Jonathan P. Eburne and Aaron Jaffe on Curious Visions of Modernity: Enchantment, Magic, and the Sacred by David L. Martin

Michael J. Griffin II on Modernist Futures: Innovation and Inheritance in the Contemporary Novel by David James

Howard Singerman on Lucio Fontana: Between Utopia and Kitsch by Anthony White

Christina Rudosky on Surrealist Ghostliness by Katharine Conley

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