Criticism, Volume 58, Number 1, Winter 2016

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CR 58-1

Criticism, Volume 58, Number 1

Criticism provides a forum for current scholarship on literature, media, music and visual culture. A place for rigorous theoretical and critical debate as well as formal and methodological self-reflexivity and experimentation, Criticism aims to present contemporary thought at its most vital.

Criticism Volume 58, Number 1, Winter 2016

In and Out, Or "The Ambiguity of the Jewel"
Daniel Humphrey

Black Like Malcolm: Grace Halsell's Rewriting of Black Like Me (1961) in Soul Sister (1969)
Martha J. Cutter

White Skin, Black Glag: Hardcore Punk, Racialization, and the Politics of Sound in Southern California
Shaun Cullen

On the Cultural Projection of Population Crisis: The Case of The Omega Man
Justin Sully

Digital Transcendentalism in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
John Shanahan


Jonathan Crewe on The Unrepentant Renaissance: From Petrarch to Shakespeare to Milton by Richard Strier

Louis van den Hengel on Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art by Elizabeth Grosz

Steven S. Lee on Moscow, the Fourth Rome: Stalinism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Evolution of Soviet Culture, 1931–1941 by Katerina Clark

Alina Cherry on Pictures into Words: Images in Contemporary French Fiction by Ari J. Blatt

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