Criticism, Volume 61, Number 3, Summer 2019

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CR 61-3

Criticism, Volume 61, Number 3

Criticism provides a forum for current scholarship on literature, media, music and visual culture. A place for rigorous theoretical and critical debate as well as formal and methodological self-reflexivity and experimentation, Criticism aims to present contemporary thought at its most vital.

Criticism Volume 61, Number 3, Summer 2019

What We Can Learn from The Philologist in Fiction
Katy Brundan

The Morbidity of Maternity: Radical Receptivity in Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts
Katie Collins

On Queer Neutrality: Disaffection in the Fashion Photo Story “Paradise Lost”
Roberto Filippello

Taboo, Disaster, and Acoustic Reminders in Ruth Almog and Yehudit Hendel
Michal Ben-Horin

Deforming Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Topic Models as Poems
Amanda Henrichs


Rajeev Patke on Beginning at the End: Decadence, Modernism, and Postcolonial Poetry by Robert Stilling

Joseph Cermatori on Performing Queer Modernism by Penny Farfan

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