Discourse Volume 43, Issue 2, Spring 2021 (The Edges of the World: Politics and Life)

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DC 43-2

Discourse Volume 43, Number 2

Discourse explores a variety of topics in contemporary cultural studies, theories of media and literature, and the politics of sexuality, including questions of language and psychoanalysis. The journal publishes valuable and innovative essays on a wide range of cultural phenomena, promoting theoretical approaches to literature, film, the visual arts, and related media.

Discourse Volume 43, Number 2 (Spring 2021)
Special Issue: The Edges of the World: Politics and Life
Guest Editor Tatjana Gajic

An Excess of Visibility, a Scarcity of Water
Adriana Johnson

Desistance: Literature and the Logic of Life
Sergio Villalobos-Ruminott

Edges of the Swarm: The World in Flux in Pilar Adón’s Las efímeras
Tatjana Gajic

Beyond Work: Life, Death, and Reproduction and the Postwork Society
Matías Beverinotti

Flows of Breath: Oscar Muñoz’s Unfolding Images
Isabella Vergara

Book Review

Facing the Hour of Your Death: Review of Killing Times: The Temporal Technology of the Death Penalty
Ahmet Yuce


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