Framework Volume 54, Number 1, Spring 2013

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FW 54-1
Framework Volume 54, Number 1

Framework is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to theoretical and historical work on the diverse and current trends in media and film scholarship. The journal’s multicultural coverage, interdisciplinary focus, and the high caliber of its writers contributes to important interconnections between regional cinemas, practioners, academics, critics, and students. Framework is committed to publishing articles from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.


Table of Contents

Drake Stutesman

Shadow Lives: Josephine Baker and the Body of Cinema
Katherine Groo

Two Degrees of Separation: Xhanfise Keko and the Albanian Children's Film
Bruce Williams

"The Gland School": Gertrude Atherton and the Two Black Oxen
Anne Morey

DOSSIER: Architects on Film: Architects on the Frame

Diane Lewis, Guest Editor

Good Morning, Babylon: The Cathedral Is a Movie
Alessandro Melis

The Epic Frame
Juhani Pallasmaa

Langsamkeit/Slowness: Meditating on the Frame: Blind Spots and the Construction of Erotic Space in Andrei Tarkovsky's Nostalgia
Catherine Ann Somerville Venart

Black and White Equals Gray
Lebbeus Woods

Medianeras/Sidewalls: A Film by Gustavo Taretto
Daniel Meridor

Out of Body Experience
Wes Rozen

David Turnbull

Dark Matter
Emma Fuller

Silenzio! Fade Out into Blue: Notes on the Visual Presence of Absence in the Closure Frame of Le mépris
Ole W. Fischer

Kiss Me Deadly
Robert Kleyn

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