Framework Volume 56, Number 2, Fall 2015

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FW 56-2
Framework, Volume 56, Number 2, Fall 2015

Framework is an international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to theoretical and historical work on the diverse and current trends in media and film scholarship. The journal’s multicultural coverage, interdisciplinary focus, and the high caliber of its writers contributes to important interconnections between regional cinemas, practioners, academics, critics, and students. Framework is committed to publishing articles from interdisciplinary and global perspectives.

Table of Contents


Drake Stutesman

Valentino’s Lesbianism: Stardom, Spectatorship, and Sexuality in 1920s Hollywood Cinema
Susan Potter

“Use/Abuse/Everyone/Everything”: A Dialogue on LA Plays Itself
Benjamin Halligan and Laura Wilson

DOSSIER: Geopolitics of Film and Media Theory

Introduction: Film Theory in the Age of Neoliberal Globalization
Masha Salazkina, Guest Editor

The Trouble with Theater: Cinema and the Geopolitics of Medium Specificity
Weihong Bao

Eye of the Machine: Itagaki Takao and Debates on New Realism in 1920s Japan
Naoki Yamamoto

Vernacular Modernism, Film Culture, and Moroccan Short Film and Documentary
Peter Limbrick

A Writing Haunted by Cinema: The Film Theories of Three Latin American Fictions
Felipe Pruneda Sentíes

At What Cost “Theory”? An Economics and Poetics of Uptake
Kay Dickinson

Plasticity and the Global
Bhaskar Sarkar

Film Theory’s Animated Map
Karen Beckman

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