Human Biology Volume 84, Number 6, December 2012

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HB 84-6
Human Biology Volume 84, Number 6

Table of Contents

Using the Neandertal and Denisova Genetic Data To Understand the Common MAPT 17q21 Inversion in Modern Humans 
Núria Setó-Salvia, Federico Sánchez-Quinto, Eudald Carbonell, Carlos Lorenzo, David Comas, and Jordi Clarimón 

A Tale of Two Haplotypes: The EDA2R/AR Intergenic Region Is the Most Divergent Genomic Segment Between Africans and East Asians in the Human Genome
Amanda M. Casto, Brenna M. Henn, Jeffery M. Kidd, Carlos D. Bustamante, and Marcus W. Feldman

Extensive Population Structure in San, Khoe, and Mixed Ancestry Populations from Southern Africa Revealed by 44 Short 5-SNP Haplotypes
Carina M. Schlebusch and Himla Soodyall

The Effect of ACP1-ADA1 Genetic Interaction on Human Life Span
Nazzareno Lucarini, Valerio Napolioni, Andrea Magrini, and Fulvia Gloria

Analysis of a Genetic Isolate: The Case of Carloforte (Italy)
R. Robledo, L. Corrias, V. Bachis, N. Puddu, A. Mameli, G. Vona, and C.M. Calò 

Front Speed of Language Replacement
Joaquim Fort and Joaquim Pérez-Losada

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