Human Biology Volume 85, Number 1-3, February-June 2013

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HB 85 1-3
Human Biology Volume 85, Number 1-3

Table of Contents

Introduction: Revisiting the “Negrito” Hypothesis: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Human Prehistory in Southeast Asia
Phillip Endicott

Hunter-Gatherers in Southeast Asia: From Prehistory to the Present
Charles Higham 

“Small Size” in the Philippine Human Fossil Record: Is It Meaningful for a Better Understanding of the Evolutionary History of the Negritos?
Florent Détroit, Julien Corny, Eusebio Z. Dizon, and Armand S. Mijares 

The Skeletal Phenotype of “Negritos” from the Andaman Islands and Philippines Relative to Global Variation among Hunter-Gatherers
Jay T. Stock 

Craniodental Affinities of Southeast Asia’s “Negritos” and the Concordance with Their Genetic Affinities
David Bulbeck 

Climate Change Influenced Female Population Sizes through Time across the Indonesian Archipelago
Elsa G. Guillot, Meryanne K. Tumonggor, J. Stephen Lansing, Herawati Sudoyo, and Murray P. Cox

The Andaman Islanders in a Regional Genetic Context: Reexamining the Evidence for an Early Peopling of the Archipelago from South Asia
Gyaneshwer Chaubey and Phillip Endicott

Admixture Patterns and Genetic Differentiation in Negrito Groups from West Malaysia Estimated from Genome-wide SNP Data
Timothy A. Jinam, Maude E. Phipps, Naruya Saitou, and The Hugo Pan-Asian SNP Consortium 

Genetic Diversity of Four Filipino Negrito Populations from Luzon: Comparison of Male and Female Effective Population Sizes and Differential Integration of Immigrants into Aeta and Agta Communities
E. Heyer, M. Georges, M. Pachner, and P. Endicott

Anthropology and GIS: Temporal and Spatial Distribution of the Philippine Negrito Groups
Sabino G. Padilla, Jr. 

Mount Pinatubo, Inflammatory Cytokines, and the Immunological Ecology of Aeta Hunter-Gatherers
Robin M. Bernstein and Nathaniel J. Dominy 

Evolution of the Pygmy Phenotype: Evidence of Positive Selection from Genome-wide Scans in African, Asian, and Melanesian Pygmies
Andrea Bamberg Migliano, Irene Gallego Romero, Mait Metspalu, Matthew Leavesley, Luca Pagani, Tiago Antao, Da-Wei Huang, Brad T. Sherman, Katharine Siddle, Clarissa Scholes, Georgi Hudjashov, Elton Kaitokai, Avis Babalu, Maggie Belatti, Alex Cagan, Bryony Hopkinshaw, Colin Shaw, Mari Nelis, Ene Metspalu, Reedik Mägi, Richard A. Lempicki, Richard Villems, Marta Mirazon Lahr, and Toomas Kivisild

Mountain Pygmies of Western New Guinea: A Morphological and Molecular Approach
M. Tommaseo-Ponzetta, S. Mona, F. Calabrese, G. Konrad, E. Vacca, and M. Attimonelli 

Phenotypic Plasticity of Climbing-Related Traits in the Ankle Joint of Great Apes and Rainforest Hunter-Gatherers
Vivek V. Venkataraman, Thomas S. Kraft, Jeremy M. DeSilva, and Nathaniel J. Dominy 

Who Are the Philippine Negritos? Evidence from Language
Lawrence A. Reid 

Kinship Matters: Structures of Alliance, Indigenous Foragers, and the Austronesian Diaspora
James West Turner

Time and Place in the Prehistory of the Aslian Languages
Michael Dunn, Nicole Kruspe, and Niclas Burenhult

Terror from the Sky: Unconventional Linguistic Clues to the Negrito Past
Robert Blust

Making Friends in the Rainforest: “Negrito” Adaptation to Risk and Uncertainty
Lye Tuck-Po 

Why Have the Peninsular “Negritos” Remained Distinct?
Geoffrey Benjamin

The Australian Barrineans and Their Relationship to Southeast Asian Negritos: An Investigation using Mitochondrial Genomics
Peter McAllister, Nano Nagle, and Robert John Mitchell

What’s in a Name? “Negritos” in the Context of the Human Prehistory of Southeast Asia
Stanley J. Ulijaszek 

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