Human Biology Volume 85, Number 4, August 2013

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HB 85-4
Human Biology Volume 85, Number 4

Table of Contents

Paternal Age and Genetic Load
Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending
The Human Environment and the Vitamin D Compromise: Scotland as a Case Study in Human Biocultural Adaptation and Disease Susceptibility
George Chaplin and Nina G. Jablonski
Evaluation of the Bayesian Method to Derive Migration Patterns from Changes in Surname Distributions over Time
Gerrit Bloothooft and Pierre Darlu
Selection Variability for Arg48His in Alcohol Dehydrogenase ADHIB among Asian Populations
Alexey Evsyukov and Denis Ivanov
A Review of the Ischium-Pubis Index: Accuracy, Reliability, and Common Errors
Rose Drew
Brief Communcations
Reevaluating a Model of Gender-Biased Gene Flow among Sub-Saharan Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers
Paolo Anagnostou, Cinzia Battaggia, Marco Capocasa, Ilaria Boschi, Francesca Brisighelli, Chiara Batini, Gabriells Spedini, and Giovanni Destro-Bisol
Sibling Composition and Household Room Sharing Are Associated with Menarcheal Status among Rural Bengalee Girls of West Bengal, India
Sadaruddin Biswas, Slawomir Koziel, Raja Chakraborty, and Kaushik Bose
Letters to the Editor
Spousal Choice by Height in an Urban Middle-Class Japanese Population
Keiko Uchida, Nobutake Matsuo, Naoki Hori, Tomonobu Hasegawa, and Takao Takahashi
A Longitudinal Study of Digit Ration (2D:4D) and Its Relationships with Adult Running Speed in Jamaicans
Robert Trivers, Renato Hopp, and John Manning
Book Review
Instructions for Contributors
American Association of Anthropological Genetics

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