Human Biology Volume 85, Number 5, October 2013

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Human Biology Volume 85, Number 5

Table of Contents

Comparative Morphology of the Hominin and African Ape Hyoid Bone, a Possible Marker of the Evolution of Speech
James Steele, Margaret Clegg, and Sandra Martelli
Exploring the Relative Importance of Spatial and Environmental Variation on the Craniometrics of the Modern Portuguese
Katherine E. Weisensee
Genetic Variation of X-STRs in the Wichí Population from Chaco Province, Argentina
Laura Angela Glesmann, Pablo Francisco Martina, and Cecilia Inés Catanesi 
Analysis of Uniparental Lineages in Two Villages of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Seat of Pueblos de Indios in Colonial Times
Maia Pauro, Angelina García, Rodrigo Nores, and Darío A. Demarchi 
Ancestry Informative Markers Clarify the Regional Admixture Variation in the Costa Rican Population
Rebeca Campos-Sánchez, Henriette Raventós, and Ramiro Barrantes 
The –9/+9 Polymorphism of the Bradykinin Receptor Beta 2 Gene and Athlete Status: A Study Involving Two European Cohorts
Marek Sawczuk, Yevgeniya I. Timshina, Irina V. Astratenkova, Agnieszka Maciejewska-Karłowska, Agata Leońska-Duniec, Krzysztof Ficek, Leysan J. Mustafina, Paweł Cięszczyk, Tomasz Klocek, and Ildus I. Ahmetov 
Feeling the Heat? Substantial Variation in Temperatures Does Not Affect the Proportion of Males Born in Australia
Barnaby J. Dixson, John Haywood, Philip J. Lester, and Diane K. Ormsby 
Review Article
Studies of Human Sex Rations at Birth May Lead to the Understanding of Several Forms of Pathology
William H. James 
Brief Communication
Intermittence for Humans spreading 45,000 Years Ago: From Eurasia to the Americas
J. C. Flores 
Hélène Pagezy, August 2, 1945–March 3, 2013
Pierre Darlu and Patrick Pasquet      
Human Biology Gabriel Ward Lasker Prize 2012 Announcement 
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American Association of Anthropological Genetics
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