Human Biology Volume 86, Number 1, Winter 2014

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Human Biology Volume 86, Number 1

Human Biology Volume 86 Number 1 (Winter 2014)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Providing a Venue for Influential Research in Anthropological Genomics
Ripan S. Malhi and Brian M. Kemp


Lactase Persistence Variants in Arabia and in the African Arabs
Edita Priehodov, Abdelhay Abdelsawy, Evelyne Heyer, and Viktor Černý

Celiac Disease as a Model for the Evolution of Multifactorial Disease in Humans
Aaron Sams and John Hawks

Efffect of Recent Historical Events on Migration and Isonymic Stratification among the Rama Amerindians from Nicaragua
Norberto F. Baldi, Phillip Melton, and Michael Crawford

Comparing Partial Least Square Approaches in a Gene- or Region-Based Association Study for Multiple Quantitative Phenotypes
Zhongshang Yuan, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Fangyu Li, Jinghua Zhao, and Fuzhong Xue

Pedigree Structure and Kinship Measurements of a Mid-Michigan Community: A New North American Population Isolate Identified
Joseph D. Bonner, Rachel Fisher, James Klein, Qing Lu, Ellen Wilch, Karen H. Friderici, Jill L. Elfenbein, Debra L. Schutte, and Brian C. Schutte

Letter to the Editor

Did Pre-Clovis People Inhabit the Paisley Caves (and Why Does It Matter)?
Stuart J. Fiedel

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