Human Biology Volume 87, Number 1, Winter 2015

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Human Biology Volume 87, Number 1

Human Biology Volume 87 Number 1 (Winter 2015)

Table of Contents


Hemochromatosis: Niche Construction and the Genetic Domino Effect in the European Neolithic
John M. McCullough, Kathleen M. Heath, and Alexis M. Smith

Low Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in an Ancient Population from China: Insight
Yu Dong, Chunxiang Li, Fengshi Luan, Zhenguang Li, Hongjie Li, Yinqiu Cui, Hui Zhou, and Ripan S. Malhi

Identification of Whole Mitochondrial Genomes from Venezuela and Implications on Regional Phylogenies in South America
Esther J. Lee and Andrew Merriwether

Genetic Admixture and Flavor Preferences: Androstenone Sensitivity in Malagasy Populations
Harilanto Razafindrazaka, Aurore Monnereau, Dina Razafindrazaka, Laure Tonasso, Stephanie Schiavinato, Jean-Aimé Rakotoarisoa, Chantal Radimilahy, Thierry Letellier, and Denis Pierron 

Microdemographic Determinants of Population Recovery Among the Northern Ache
Jack D. Baker, Jr. 

Mitochondrial DNA Suggests a Western Eurasian origin for Ancient (Proto-) Bulgarians
D.V. Nesheva, S Karachanak-Yankova, M Lari, Y Yordanov, A Galabov, David Caramelli, and Draga Toncheva

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