Human Biology Volume 87, Number 2, Spring 2015

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HB 87-2
Human Biology Volume 87, Number 2

Human Biology Volume 87 Issue 2 (Spring 2015)

Table of Contents


Mongolians in the Genetic Landscape of Central Asia: Exploring the Genetic Relations among Mongolians and Other World Populations
Jane E. Brissenden, Judith R. Kidd, Balgalmaa Evsanaa, Ariunaa Togtokh, Andrew J. Pakstis, Fancoise Friedlaender, Kenneth K. Kidd, and Janet M. Roscoe

Evolution and Otitis Media: A Review, and a Model to Explain High Prevalence in Indigenous Populations
Mahmood F. Bhutta

Originis of an Unmarked Georgia Cemetery Using Ancient DNA Analysis
Andrew T. Ozga, Raul Y. Tito, Brian M. Kemp, Hugh Matternes, Alexandra Obregon-Tito, Leslie Neal, and Cecil M. Lewis, Jr.

Influence of Changes in Political Barriers and of Geographic Distance on Kinship Inferred from Surnames and Migration Data in Olivenza (Spain) and Surrounding Portuguese Areas
J. Román-Busto

Media Response: Genome of the Ancient One (a.k.a. Kennewick Man)
Jennifer Raff

American Association of Anthropological Genetics

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