Human Biology Volume 87, Number 3, Summer 2015

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HB 87-3
Human Biology Volume 87, Number 3

Human Biology Volume 87 Issue 3 (Summer 2015)

Table of Contents


Modeling Demic and Cultural Diffusion: An Introduction
Joaquim Fort, Enrico R. Crema,  and Marco Madella

Cultural Incubators and Spread of Innovation
Enrico R. Crema and Mark W. Lake

So You Think You Can Model? A Guide to Building and Evaluating Archaeological Simulation Models of Dispersals
Iza Romanowska

Inference of Cultural Transmission Modes Based on Incomplete Information
Bryan Wilder and Anne Kandler

Does Environmental Knowledge Inhibit Hominin Dispersal?
Colin D. Wren and Andre Costopoulos

A Cultural Diffusion Model for the Rise and Fall of Programming Languages
Sergi Valverde and Ricard V. Sol

Productivity of Premodern Agriculture in the Cucuteni–Trypillia Area
Anvar Shukurov, Graeme Sarson, Mykhailo Videiko, Kate Henderson, Robert Shiel, Pavel Dolukhanov, and Galina Pashkevich

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