Human Biology Volume 88, Number 3, Summer 2016

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HB 88-3
Human Biology Volume 88, Number 3

Issue 88.3, Summer 2016

Isonymic Relations in the Bolivia-Argentina Border Region
José Edgardo Dipierri, Emma Laura Alfaro Gomez, Alvaro Rodríguez-Larralde, and Virginia Ramall

Y-Chromosome Haplogroups in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Population Based on 23 Y-STR Loci
Serkan Doğan, Adna Ašić, Gulsen Doğan, Larisa Besic, and Damir Marjanovic

STR Markers Unveil Microgeographic Diffferentiation over the Steep Mountainous Landscape of Jujuy Province, Northwest Argentina
Luis Gómez-Pérez, Miguel A. Alfonso-Sánchez, José Edgardo Dipierri, and Jose A. Pena

Beyond Serial Founder Efffects: The Impact of Admixture and Localized Gene Flow on Patterns of Regional Genetic Diversity
Keith L. Hunley and Graciela S. Cabana

Genetic Evidence for Modifying Oceanic Boundaries Relative to Fiji
Gerhard P. Shipley, Diana A. Taylor, Antoine D. R. N’Yeurt, Anand Tyagi, Geetanjali Tiwari, and Alan J. Redd

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