Human Biology Volume 90, Number 1, Winter 2018

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HB 90-1
Human Biology Volume 90, Number 1

Issue 90.1, Winter 2018

Thinking Computationally about Forensics: Anthropological Perspectives on Advancements in Technologies, Data, and Algorithms
Bridget F. B. Algee-Hewitt, Jieun Kim, Cris E. Hughes

New Approaches to Juvenile Age Estimation in Forensics: Application of Transition Analysis via the Shackelford et al. Method to a Diverse Modern Subadult Sample
Kelly R. Kamnikar, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Amber M. Plemons

Typicality and Predictive Distributions in Discriminant Function Analysis
Lyle W. Konigsberg, Susan R. Frankenberg

Survey and Insights into Unmanned Aerial-Vehicle-Based Detection and Documentation of Clandestine Graves and Human Remains
Bryce Murray, Derek T. Anderson, Daniel J. Wescott, Robert Moorhead, Melissa F. Anderson

Open-Source Tools for Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping of Computed Tomography Models
Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt, Catyana Falsetti, Anthony B. Falsetti, Christopher J. Ehrhardt

Who Needs Data? I’ve Got Experience!
Dawnie Wolfe Steadman

2018 Outstanding Trainee Presentations in Anthropological Genetics Awards Announced

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