Human Biology Volume 90, Number 4, Fall 2018

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HB 90-4
Human Biology Volume 90, Number 4

Issue 90.4, Fall 2018

Invited Commentary
Complexity, Genetic Causation, and Hereditarianism
Charles C. Roseman

Immune System Promiscuity in Human and Nonhuman Primate Evolution
Jessica F. Brinkworth and Courtney C. Babbitt

Genetic Variants of Dufffy and Hemoglobin S Genes in an Afrodescendant Population from Colombia
Diana Carolina Ortega, Heiber Cárdenas, and Guillermo Barreto

Genetic Overview of the Maya Populations: Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups
Angélica González-Oliver, Dircé Pineda-Vázquez, Ernesto Garfijias-Morales, Isabel De La Cruz-Laina, Luis Medrano-González, Lourdes Márquez-Morfín, and Allan Ortega-Muñoz

Ontogenesis of the Sella Turcica among Egyptians: Forensic and Radiological Study
Wafaa Mohamed El-Sehly, Fatma Mohamed Magdy Badr El Dine, and Mohamed Samir Shaban

2016 and 2017 Gabriel W. Lasker Awards

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