Human Biology Volume 91, Number 3, Summer 2019 (Indigenous Science)

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HB 91-3
Human Biology Volume 91, Number 3

Issue 91.3, Summer 2019
Special Issue: Indigenous Science

Introduction to Special Issue
Indigenizing Science and Reasserting Indigeneity in Research
Krystal S. Tsosie and Katrina G. Claw

Methodology Matters: Designing a Pilot Study Guided by Indigenous Epistemologies
Sandra A. Juutilainen, Melanie Jeffrey, and Suzanne Stewart

Momentum and Longevity for Tribally Driven Health Equity Science: Evidence from the Gathering for Health Project
Jessica H. L. Elm and Tina Handeland

“Of Course, Data Can Never Fully Represent Reality”: Assessing the Relationship between “Indigenous Data” and “Indigenous Knowledge,” “Traditional Ecological Knowledge,” and “Traditional Knowledge”
Marisa Elena Duarte, Morgan Vigil-Hayes, Sandra Littletree, and Miranda Belarde-Lewis

Islands as Laboratories: Indigenous Knowledge and Gene Drives in the Pacific
Riley I. Taitingfong

Weaving the Strands of Life (Iiná BitÅ‚’ool): History of Genetic Research Involving Navajo People
Rene L. Begay, Nanibaa’ A. Garrison, Franklin Sage, Mark Bauer, Ursula Knoki-Wilson, David H. Begay, Beverly Becenti-Pigman, and Katrina G. Claw

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