Human Biology Volume 91, Number 4, Fall 2019

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HB 91-4

Human Biology Volume 91, Number 4

Issue 91.4, Fall 2019

Brief Communication
U5a1 Mitochondrial DNA Haplotype Identified in Eneolithic Skeleton from Shatar Chuluu, Mongolia
Leland L. Rogers, William Honeychurch, Chunag Amartuvshin, and Frederika A. Kaestle


New Evidence of Ancient Mitochondrial DNA of the Southern Andes (Calchaquí Valleys, Northwest Argentina, 3,600–1,900 Years before Present)
María Laura Parolin, Leticia Inés Cortés, Néstor Basso, and María Cristina Scattolin

Genetic Admixture Analysis in the Population of Tacuarembó-Uruguay Using Alu Insertions
Yasser V. Vega-Requena, Pedro C. Hidalgo, Elizabeth Ackermann, Sara Flores-Gutierrez, and Mónica Sans

Uniparental Genetic Analyses Reveal the Major Origin of Fujian Tanka from Ancient Indigenous Daic Populations
Xiao-Qin Luo, Pan-Xin Du, Ling-Xiang Wang, Bo-Yan Zhou, Yu-Chun Li, Hong-Xiang Zheng, Lan-Hai Wei, Jun-Jian Liu, Chang Sun, Hai-Liang Meng, Jing-Ze Tan, Wen-Jing Su, Shao-Qing Wen, and Hui Li


Applications of Bayesian Skyline Plots and Approximate Bayesian Computation for Human Demography
Fernando A. Villanea, Andrew Kitchen, and Brian M. Kemp

2018 Gabriel W. Lasker Award



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