Human Biology Volume 88, Number 1, Winter 2016

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HB 88-1
Human Biology Volume 88, Number 1

Issue 88.1, Winter 2016
Special Issue on Secular Change in American Skeletons
Guest Editor Natalie R. Langley

Introduction to Special Issue: The Effect of Novel Environments on Modern American Skeletons
Natalie R. Langley

Craniofacial Secular Change in Recent Mexican Migrants
Katherine Spradley, Kyra E. Stull, and Joseph T. Hefner

An Examination of the Differential Effects of the Modern Epidemiologic Transition on Cranial Morphology in the United States and Portugal
Katherine E. Weisensee and Richard L. Jantz

Secular Change in the Femur Diaphyseal Biomechanical Properties of American Whites
Daniel J. Wescott and Lauren Rockhold Zephro

Piecewise Regression Analysis of Secular Change in the Maximum Femoral Vertical Head Diameter of American White Males and Females
Sandra Cridlin

The Remarkable Change in Euro-American Cranial Shape and Size
Richard L. Jantz and Lee Meadows Jantz

Secular Changes in the Postcranial Skeleton of American Whites
Richard L. Jantz, Lee Meadows Jantz, and Joanne L. Devlin

Changes in Clavicle Length and Maturation in Americans: 1840–1980
Natalie R. Langley and Sandra Cridlin

American Association of Anthropological Genetics

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