Human Biology Volume 82, Number 3, June 2010

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HB 82-3
Human Biology Volume 82, Number 3

A worldwide forum for state-of-the-art ideas, methods, and techniques in the field, Human Biology focuses on genetics in its broadest sense. Included under this rubric are: human population genetics, evolutionary and genetic demography, quantitative genetics, evolutionary biology, ancient DNA studies, biological diversity interpreted in terms of adaptation (biometry, physical anthropology), and interdisciplinary research linking biological and cultural diversity (inferred from linguistic variability, ethnological diversity, archaeological evidence, etc.)

Table of Contents

Interview with Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza: Past Research and Directions for Future Investigations in Human Population Genetics
Franz Manni

Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in Mennonite Communities from the Midwestern United States
Phillip E. Melton, M J. Mosher, R Rubicz, M. Zlojutro, and M. H. Crawford

5-HTTLPR Polymorphism: Analysis in South African Autistic Individuals
Zainunisha Arieff, Mandeep Kaur, Hajirah Gameeldien, Lize van der Merwe, and Vladimir B. Bajic

Genetic Structure of a Rural Region in Spain: Distribution of Surnames and Gene Flow
Roberto Rodríguez Díaz and María José Blanco Villegas

Craniometric Similarities Within and Between Human Populations in Comparison with Neutral Genetic Data
André Strauss and Mark Hubbe

History of Human Biology (1929–2009)
Michael H. Crawford

Modification of a Commercially Available Kit for the Improvement of PCR Efficiency
Ai Hua Zhang, Seung Bum Seo, Jin A. Yi, Hye Yeon Kim, and Soong Deok Lee

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