Special Issue on the Origins of the Populations of the Aleutian Islands

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HB 82-5&6
Human Biology Volume 82, Numbers 5&6

A worldwide forum for state-of-the-art ideas, methods, and techniques in the field, Human Biology focuses on genetics in its broadest sense. Included under this rubric are: human population genetics, evolutionary and genetic demography, quantitative genetics, evolutionary biology, ancient DNA studies, biological diversity interpreted in terms of adaptation (biometry, physical anthropology), and interdisciplinary research linking biological and cultural diversity (inferred from linguistic variability, ethnological diversity, archaeological evidence, etc.)

Special Issue on the Origins of the Populations of the Aleutian Islands
Edited by M. H. Crawford, Dixie L. West, and Dennis H. O'Rourke

Introduction: Origins and Settlement of the Indigenous Populations of the Aleutian Archipelago
Dixie West, Dennis O’Rourke, and Michael H. Crawford

Historical Overview of Archaeological Research in the Aleut Region of Alaska
Douglas W. Veltre and Melvin A. Smith

Continuity and Change in the Eastern Aleutian Archaeological Sequence
Richard S. Davis and Richard A. Knecht

Material Culture Across the Aleutian Archipelago
Virginia L. Hatfield

Origins of Linguistic Diversity in the Aleutian Islands
Anna Berge

Where Did All the Aleut Men Go? Aleut Male Attrition and Related Patterns in Aleutian Historical Demography and Social Organization
Katherine Reedy-Maschner

Alaska Peninsula Stable Isotope and Radioisotope Chemistry: A Study in Temporal and Adaptive Diversity
Joan Brenner Coltrain

Craniometric Variation in the Aleutians: Integrating Morphological, Molecular, Spatial, and Temporal Data
Stephen D. Ousley and Erica B. Jones

Anthropometric Variation Among Bering Sea Natives
Anne Justice, Rohina Rubicz, Geetha Chittoor, Richard L. Jantz, and M. H. Crawford

South from Alaska: A Pilot aDNA Study of Genetic History on the Alaska Peninsula and the Eastern Aleutians
Jennifer Raff, Justin Tackney, and Dennis H. O’Rourke

Origins of Aleuts and the Genetic Structure of Populations of the Archipelago: Molecular and Archaeological Perspectives
Michael H. Crawford, Rohina C. Rubicz, and Mark Zlojutro

Genetic Architecture of a Small, Recently Aggregated Aleut Population: Bering Island, Russia
Rohina Rubicz, Mark Zlojutro, Guangyun Sun, Victor Spitsyn, Ranjan Deka, Kristin L. Young, and Michael H. Crawford

HLA Genes in Populations of the Aleutian Islands
Diego Rey, Cristina Areces, Carlos Parga-Lozano, Pablo Gómez-Prieto, Michael H. Crawford, and Antonio Arnaiz-Villena

Surname Distributions and Their Association with Y-Chromosome Markers in the Aleutian Islands
Orion M. Graf, Mark Zlojutro, Rohina Rubicz, and Michael H. Crawford

Unangan Past and Present: The Contrasts Between Observed and Inferred Histories
D. H. O’Rourke, D. L. West, and M. H. Crawford

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