Marvels & Tales Volume 23, Number 2, Fall 2009

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Marvels & Tales Volume 23, Number 2

Marvels & Tales is a peer-reviewed journal that is international and multidisciplinary in orientation. The journal publishes scholarly work dealing with the fairy tale in any of its diverse manifestations and contexts. Marvels & Tales provides a central forum for fairy-tale studies by scholars of literature, folklore, gender studies, children’s literature, social and cultural history, anthropology, film studies, ethnic studies, art and music history, and others.

Table of Contents

What Happened to the Heroines in Folktales? An Analysis by Gender of a Multicultural Sample of Published Folktales Collected from Storytellers
Kathleen Ragan

Devils, Demons, Familiars, Friends: Toward a Semiotics of Literary Cats
Maria Nikolajeva

Functions of Textile and Sartorial Artifacts in Russian Folktales
Victoria Ivleva

Luigi Capuana: Unlikely Spinner of Fairy Tales?
Gina M. Miele

Tangled Up in Blue: Liz Lochhead’s Grimm Sisters Tales
Tudor Balinisteanu

Adaptations of Folktales and Motifs in Madame d’Aulnoy’s Contes: A Brief Survey of Influence and Diffusion
Jacques Barchilon

Luigi Capuana’s Search for the New Fairy Tale
Jack Zipes

Eliseo Diego and Fairy Tales
Mark Weiss 


Critical Exchanges
Jonathan Gottschall and Kathleen Ragan

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