Marvels & Tales Volume 35, Number 1, Spring 2021

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Marvels & Tales Volume 35, Number 1

Marvels & Tales is a peer-reviewed journal that is international and multidisciplinary in orientation. The journal publishes scholarly work dealing with the fairy tale in any of its diverse manifestations and contexts. Marvels & Tales provides a central forum for fairy-tale studies by scholars of literature, folklore, gender studies, children’s literature, social and cultural history, anthropology, film studies, ethnic studies, art and music history, and others.

Marvels & Tales Volume 35, Number 1 (Spring 2021)

From the Editors


“Where the Turbot Is King”: Murat’s “Le Turbot” as Modern Fairy-centric Response to d’Aulnoy’s “Le Dauphin”
Melissa A. Hofmann

Rumpelstiltskin’s (Queer) Secret: Nonbinary Bodies Buried between the Lines of the Brothers Grimm
Andrea Meyertholen

Biting Back: Safe Space and Animal Desire in Margo Lanagan’s Tender Morsels (2008)
Christophe Van Eecke

Breaking the Surface: Mermaids and the Middle Passage
Paula T. Connolly

A Fairy-Tale Apocalypse: Humanity, Nature, and Disease in Stand Still. Stay Silent
Misha Grifka Wander

Once Upon a Time in Japan: Adaptation Strategies in Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics Series
Weronika Kostecka and Xavier Mínguez-López

Texts & Translations

Despite What the Stories Say: Introduction to “Braid”
Introduction and text by Kirstyn McDermott

“Clochetin or the Kingdom of Sa-Sa”
By Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, introduction and translation by Adrion Dula

Fairy Tales from Tan Zhenshan in Contemporary China: An Introduction to the Translation of “A Paper Maiden Turned into a Real Wife”
By Juwen Zhang and Fan Jiang

A Tale Told by Tan Zhenshan: “A Paper Maiden Turned into a Real Wife”
Translated by Min Wei, Juwen Zhang, and Bill Long


The Complete and Original Norwegian Folktales of Asbjørnsen and Moe (Tiina Nunnally)
Nathan Sogla

Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, Beauty and the Beast: The Original Story (Ed. and Trans. Aurora Wolfgang)
Anne E. Duggan

Suffolk Fairylore 
(Francis Young)
Heather M. Hoyt

Le Conte dans tous ses états: Fragmenter et réenchanter le merveilleux au XXe siècle [The Fairy Tale in All Its Forms: Fragmenting and Reenchanting the Marvelous in the Twentieth Century] 
(Ed. Florence Fix and Hermeline Pernoud) 
Adrion Dula

Scaled for Success: The Internationalisation of the Mermaid 
(Ed. Philip Hayward)
Amy J. Carlson


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