Marvels & Tales Volume 36, Number 1, Spring 2022 (Transplanted Wonder: Australian Fairy Tale)

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Marvels & Tales Volume 36, Number 1

Marvels & Tales is a peer-reviewed journal that is international and multidisciplinary in orientation. The journal publishes scholarly work dealing with the fairy tale in any of its diverse manifestations and contexts. Marvels & Tales provides a central forum for fairy-tale studies by scholars of literature, folklore, gender studies, children’s literature, social and cultural history, anthropology, film studies, ethnic studies, art and music history, and others.

Marvels & Tales Volume 36, Number 1 (Spring 2022)
SPECIAL ISSUE: Transplanted Wonder: Australian Fairy Tale

From the Editors

Introduction to the Special Issue: Transplanted Wonder: Australian Fairy Tale
Michelle J. Smith and Emma Whatman

Indigenous Voices in Australian Children’s Literature
Juliet O’Conor

Fairy Tales and Colonial Trauma in Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale
Victoria Tedeschi

“Not a Dream, but a Harrowing”: Writing a Colonial Fairy Tale
Nike Sulway

Female Collaboration in Australian Fairy Tales
Sarah Hart and Kristine Moruzi

Queer Transformations and Transgressive Bodies in the Fairy Tales of Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy
Elizabeth Howard

Perpetuating Stereotypical Masculinity in the Australian YA Fairy-Tale Valentine
Elizabeth Little

Texts & Translations
A Void and a Chasm and a Ruin
By Nike Sulway

The Golden and the Diamond Light: Lorena Carrington’s Fairy-Tale Illustrations
By Sophie Masson

Five Fairy-Tale Images by Lorena Carrington

A Note by Lorena Carrington about How She Creates Her Works

The Australian Fairy Tale Society: Celebrating Eight Years of Enchantment
By Danielle McGee

Mists on the River: Folktales from Siberia (Yeremei Aipin, illus. Gennedy Raishev, trans. Marina Aipin and Claude Clayton Smith)
Judith Gero John

The Penguin Book of Mermaids (Ed. Cristina Bacchilega and Marie Alohalani Brown)
Anita Harris Satkunananthan

Smack-Bam, or the Art of Governing Men: Political Fairy Tales of Édouard Laboulaye (Trans. and ed. Jack Zipes)
Hannah Mummert

Charles Godfrey Leland and His Magical Tales. By Charles Godfrey Leland (Ed. Jack Zipes)
Hannah Mummert

South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century (Ed. Australian Fairy Tale Society)
Nike Sulway

A True Blue Idea (Marina Colasanti, trans. Adria Frizzi)
Theodora Goss

Contemporary Fairy-Tale Magic: Subverting Gender and Genre (Ed. Lydia Brugué and Auba Llompart)
Sarah N. Lawson

The Thousand and One Nights: Sources and Transformations in Literature, Arts, and Science (Ed. Ibrahim Akel and William Granara)
Adrion Dula

War, Myths, and Fairy Tales (Ed. Sara Buttsworth and Maartje Abbenhuis)
Derek J. Thiess

Craving Supernatural Creatures: German Fairy-Tale Figures in American Pop Culture (Claudia Schwabe)
Shannan Palma

Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space (Amanda Leduc)
Jeana Jorgensen

Fashion in the Fairy Tale Tradition: What Cinderella Wore (Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario)
Jeana Jorgensen

The Feminist Architecture of Postmodern Anti-Tales: Space, Time, and Bodies (Kendra Reynolds)
Amy Greenhough

Folklore in Baltic History: Resistance and Resurgence (Sadhana Naithani)
Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

Forms of Enchantment: Writings on Art and Artists (Marina Warner)
Rachel Harris

Reality, Magic, and Other Lies: Fairy-Tale Film Truths (Pauline Greenhill)
Allison Craven


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