Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 64, Number 4, October 2018

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MP 64-4
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 64, Number 4

This internationally acclaimed periodical features empirical and theoretical papers on child development and family-child relationships. A high-quality resource for researchers, writers, teachers, and practitioners, the journal contains up-to-date information on advances in developmental research on infants, children, adolescents, and families; summaries and integrations of research; commentaries by experts; and reviews of important new books in development.

Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 64, Number 4 (October 2018)

Consulting Editors

Explicit and Implicit Measures of Weight Stigma in Young Children
Sarah M. Hutchison and Ulrich Müller

Prevalence of Imaginary Companions in Children: A Meta-analysis
Yusuke Moriguchi and Naoya Todo

Eyewitness Memory in African American Children From Low-Income Families
Robert E. Nida

Cognitive and Affective Theory of Mind and Relations With Executive Functioning in Middle Childhood
Briana D. Cassetta, Penny M. Pexman and Vina M. Goghari

Adolescents' Domain-Specific Self-Concepts of Ability Predict Their Domain-Specific Causal Attributions: A Longitudinal Study
Anna-Leena Clem, Kaisa Aunola, Riikka Hirvonen, Sami Määttä, Jari-Erik Nurmi and Noona Kiuru

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