Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 59, Number 3, July 2013

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MP 59-3
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 59, Number 3

This internationally acclaimed periodical features empirical and theoretical papers on child development and family-child relationships. A high-quality resource for researchers, writers, teachers, and practitioners, the journal contains up-to-date information on advances in developmental research on infants, children, adolescents, and families; summaries and integrations of research; commentaries by experts; and reviews of important new books in development.

Table of Contents

Consulting Editors 

Mother-Child and Father-Child Dyadic Interaction: Parental and Child Bids and Responsiveness to Each Other During Early Childhood 

Sylia Wilson and C. Emily Durbin

School Bonding and Alcohol Use in Italian Early Adolescents: What Comes First? 

Fabrizia Giannotta and Metin Özdemir

Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Child Behavior Problems Among Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Buffering Effect of Mother-Reported Partner Child Care Involvement 

Erin N. Smith, Josefina M. Grau, Petra A. Duran, and Patricia Castellanos

Pretend and Physical Play: Links to Preschoolers’ Affective Social Competence 

Eric W. Lindsey and Malinda J. Colwell

Maternal Teaching During Play With Four-Year Olds: Variation by Ethnicity and Family Resources 

Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, Irene Nga-Lam Sze, Florrie Fei-Yin Ng, Ronit Kahana-Kalman, and Hirokazu Yoshikawa

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