Narrative Culture, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2015

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Narrative Culture, Volume 2, Issue 1

Narrative Culture claims narration as a broad and pervasive human practice, warranting a holistic perspective to grasp its place comparatively across time and space. Inviting contributions that document, discuss and theorize narrative culture, the journal seeks to offer a platform that integrates approaches spread across numerous disciplines. The field of narrative culture thus outlined is defined by a large variety of forms of popular narratives, including not only oral and written texts, but also narratives in images, three-dimensional art, customs, rituals, drama, dance, music, and so forth. 

Table of Contents

Volume 2, Number 1, April 2015

Fairy-Tale Economics: Scarcity, Risk, Choice
Dorothy Noyes

Narrative Cultures, Situated Story Webs, and the Politics of Relation
Cristina Bacchilega

Disruptive Voices: The Minor Characters of Musical Narrative
David Cosper

Consuming Subjects: Making Sense of Post–World War II Westerns
Joann Conrad

Voicelessness and the Limits of Agency in Early Modern Finnish Narratives on Magic and the Supernatural
Laura Stark

Discursive Shifts in Legends from Demonization to Fictionalization
Ülo Valk

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