Discourse Volume 30, Numbers 1 & 2, Winter & Spring 2008 ("Who?" or "What?"—Jacques Derrida)

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DC 30-1&2
Discourse Volume 30, Numbers 1&2

Discourse explores a variety of topics in contemporary cultural studies, theories of media and literature, and the politics of sexuality, including questions of language and psychoanalysis. The journal publishes valuable and innovative essays on a wide range of cultural phenomena, promoting theoretical approaches to literature, film, the visual arts, and related media.


Discourse Volume 30, Numbers 1&2, Winter & Spring 2008
Special Issue: "Who?" or "What?"—Jacques Derrida
Guest Editor: Dragan Kujundžić

Introduction: Whowhat Gives?!
Dragan Kujundžić

Jacques Derrida. Allegorical Portrait
Valerio Adami

Who or What Is Compared? The Concept of Comparative Literature and the Theoretical Problems of Translation
Jacques Derrida (translation by Eric Prenowitz)

Contretemps: Qu'est-ce qui arrive?—Two Texts, Divided in Two, After Glas: What? Who?
John Leavey

The Keys To: Jacques Derrida as a Proteus Unbound
Hélène Cixous (translation by Peggy Kamuf)

Crossing Lines: Jacques Derrida and Hélène Cixous on the Phone
Eric Prenowitz 

Notes Toward a Requiem, or The Music of Memory
David Wills

The Ear, Who?
Peggy Kamuf

For Better or for Worse (There Again . . .)
Geoffrey Bennington

Derrida's Politics of Autoimmunity
J. Hillis Miller

Derrida, the Parched Woman, and the Son of Man
Gabriele Schwab

Reflections on Spectral Life
Akira Mizuta Lippit

Derrida's Biography (Derrida, Who?)
Brigitte Weltman-Aron 


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