Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 2017, Storytelling in Higher Education)

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SS 13-2
Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 13, Number 2

Storytelling, Self, Society is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on a wide variety of topics related to oral narrative in performance, as social or cultural discourse, and in a variety of professional and disciplinary contexts.

Table of Contents

Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 2017)

Introduction: What Is Storytelling in the Higher Education Classroom?
Diane Ketelle

Abuelita Storytelling: From Pain to Possibility and Implications for Higher Education
Pedro E. Nava

What Can Folktales Teach Us about Higher Education Teaching?
Brian W. Sturm and Sarah Beth Nelson

Of Seal Skins and Cow Tail Switches: Storytelling and Critical Thinking
Charles Temple

“Tell Me a Story”: A Critical Hip-Hop Framework for Storytelling in Higher Education
Adrienne D. Oliver

You Ain’t Alone in This: Critical Sense Making and the Process of Becoming
G. T. Reyes

Using Story to Teach Courage to Aspiring Administrators in an Educational Leadership Classroom
Alison McDonald

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