Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2019, Storytelling for Health)

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Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 15, Number 1

Storytelling, Self, Society is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on a wide variety of topics related to oral narrative in performance, as social or cultural discourse, and in a variety of professional and disciplinary contexts.

Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2019)
Special Issue: Storytelling for Health

Introduction to the Storytelling for Health Special Issue
Emily Underwood-Lee and Prue Thimbleby

“Roving” and Recovery in Storytelling for Mental Health: Reclaiming the City, Resingularizing Ourselves
Cath Heinemeyer

Digital Storytelling and the Role of Meta-Orators in Institutional Listening
Naomi Sunderland and Nicole Matthews 

Invisible Breath
Alice Malpass and Elspeth Penny

Exploring the Intersections of Storytelling and Visual Arts: Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences of Cancer
Roanne Thomas, Christine Novy, Wendy Gifford, Viviane Grandpierre, Jennifer Poudrier, and Ovini Thomas

The Story of Georgie Muscles: A Narrative Approach to Nurturing Well-Being and Evidence-Enriched Practice in Health and Social Care
Nick Andrews and Cheryl Beer

Collective Storytelling for Health: A Three-Part Story
Leah Salter and Jemma Newkirk

Re-Storying Lives Using Creative Writing: A Client-Oriented Approach to Overcoming the Health Impacts of Domestic and Family Violence
Leanne Dodd

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