Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 11, Number 2 (Fall 2015)

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SS 11-2
Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 11, Number 2

Storytelling, Self, Society is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on a wide variety of topics related to oral narrative in performance, as social or cultural discourse, and in a variety of professional and disciplinary contexts.

Table of Contents

Storytelling, Self, Society Volume 11, Number 2 (Fall 2015)

Storytelling in 3D: Interrogating Engagement with Oral Storytelling in the School Classroom
Julie Mundy-Taylor, Josephine May, and Ruth Reynolds

“There’s a Crocodile!”: Training Preschool Teachers to Engage Children through Interactive Oral Storytelling
Barb O’Neill

Crossing Borders: A Multimodal Perspective on Storytelling
Soe Marlar Lwin and Peter Teo

Research Ethics: A Family Story
Krystal Bresnahan

“Who Am I without My Story?”: Uncertainties of Identity (Presentation) in Performed Autobiographical Storytelling
Magdalena Weiglhofer

“Journeys East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon”: What Does the Storyteller’s Life, Performance Style, and Signature Story Tell Us? 
Patrick Ryan

The Symbolic Meaning of Biblical Names as a Narrative Tool: Moses, Abraham, and David
Gahl E. Sasson

Deconstructing the Magic Spell: The Recent Fairy Tale Scholarship of Jack Zipes
Caren Schnur Neile

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