Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 58, Number 2, April 2012

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MP 58-2
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly Volume 58, Number 2

This internationally acclaimed periodical features empirical and theoretical papers on child development and family-child relationships. A high-quality resource for researchers, writers, teachers, and practitioners, the journal contains up-to-date information on advances in developmental research on infants, children, adolescents, and families; summaries and integrations of research; commentaries by experts; and reviews of important new books in development.


Table of Contents

Personal Stories of Empathy in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
Kendall M. Soucie, Heather Lawford, and Michael W. Pratt

Influence of a Playful, Child-Directed Context on Preschool Children's Peer Cooperation
Geetha B. Ramani

Differential Contributions of Three Parenting Dimensions to Preschool Literacy and Social Skills in a Middle-Income Sample
Annemarie H. Hindman and Frederick J. Morrison

Peer Exclusion in Preschool Children's Play: Naturalistic Observations in a Playground Setting
Suzanne Marie Fanger, Leslie Ann Frankel, and Nancy Hazen

Parent Personality and Positive Parenting as Predictors of Positive Adolescent Personality Development Over Time
Thomas J. Schofield, Rand D. Conger, M. Brent Donnellan, Rachel Jochem, Keith F. Widaman, and Katherine J. Conger

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